Our new generation earphones are engineered to give you powerful sound in a lightweight, stable fit.


Our wired and wireless headphones top the list of best products for any situation.

Cradle & speakers

You might be surprised at how wonderful it sounds with our brand new Bluetooth speakers.

From Earphones to Headphones

Earphones, headphones, docking speakers are designed to fit together in a united form. These three products are connectable via Bluetooth. When combining, they work as a single device.
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lose yourself in the music

You'll love what you hear, and what you don't

Lose yourself in the music

See how it all fits together




102mm x 23mm x 34mm


Aluminium / Textile / Rubber / Polymer / Foam / Silicone / Nylon


20 - 20,000 Hz

Designed by Minkyo Im

All in one for music

Enduring in use

Enduring quality for music lovers who have exquisite tastes and seek for top-notch devices.

High quality music

High-resolution audio is frequently praised as the best possible way to experience music by listeners.

Our happy clients

Why do people love it?

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Hendrik Nurwanto

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Soleh Abdurachman

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Adi Nuryadi

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Dean Casey

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Blanche Fields

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Abbie Ferguson

Designed by Minkyo Im

Headphones to enjoy high quality music.